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One-off interventions

We can make focused one-off interventions to give your business an extra “kick-start” at a crucial point.

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Post-implementation review
Do you want to maximise the learnings for your business following an important project?
Do you want to celebrate your team's success in a way which generates value for all parties?
Do you want to generate practical action points to help sustain momentum?
We can deliver a review that focuses on tangible benefits, including increased team effectiveness and practical followup actions.

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IT design workshops
Are you embarking on a project with an important IT element where engagement with the business is crucial?
Do you want to avoid large, dry documentation being “thrown over the wall”? 
Do you want your IT people to really understand the business needs?
Through our Agile Design approach, we can help provide the “glue” between IT and the business to ensure your project’s design will deliver maximum benefits. Read our Designing agile IT-based solutions white paper for more information.

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Operating blueprint
Do you need a practical articulation of what your business will look and feel like in 1-3 years time?
 Do you need your management team to focus on a single common vision for your operations? 
Our practical, measurement-based approach can help you convert a strategic vision into a practical operating plan. Read our Operating blueprint white paper for more information.