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Ian's top TED talk tips

Here are Ian's top TED talk tips that may help you see things from a different perspective.

Robert Wright on the evolution of compassion A hard-edged take on the origins and purpose of compassion, and how an aspect of game theory might just save the world.
David Deutsch on explanation A not-so-obvious explanation of what makes a good explanation - and why it is behind the explosion of science since the 17th century.
Lennart Green does some card tricks Stunning performance using secret Russian satellite technology and devious cunning. Swedish genius.
Barry Schwarz on the paradox of choice Choice is a good thing, isn't it? Well, not necessarily. Choice has all sorts of costs and they are bigger than you might think.
Dan Pink on motivation Financial and other extrinsic incentives can actually reduce performance at work. The real incentives are intrinsic: mastery, autonomy, purpose.
Rebecca Saxe on reading other people's minds The neuroscience of how we read other people's minds, including how putting a magnet on your head affects your moral judgement.
Steven Pinker on language and thought How language offers a window into the workings of the mind - the curly-haired one plugs his majestic book 'The Stuff of Thought'.
Alain de Botton on a gentler kind of success Career crises, envy, the limits of meritocracy, tragedy and vilification, who's in control, and why you should feel sympathy for Ferrari drivers.
Ken Robinson on schools and creativity Schools are geared up to deliver the wrong outcomes in a world where creativity, not knowledge, is needed to generate wealth and wellbeing.


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Dreamstime, iStockphoto Stock photos - high quality and cheap
stock.xchge Stock photos - mixed quality but free
Corbis, Getty Images, Fotosearch Stock photos - very high quality but expensive
Photobox Photo printing - very good quality
ian hadden photos Gallery - the MDs holiday snaps!

Free PC software  
Hyperwords Useful way to search based on any word on a webpage
Cooliris Cracking way to view Google Images, YouTube and others
Spybot, Ad-Aware, AVG, Zonealarm Free anti-spyware, anti-virus, and firewall programs
Microsoft Photo Story 3 Converts still photos to a slideshow with music and talkover
Google Earth Addictive flying from postcode to postcode

Mark Yuill, Dreamstime

Books and templates  
Getting things done Wonderful system to help you manage your time
The Modern Firm Academic but clearly written overview of what firms do
Getting to Yes Excellent book on negotiating with principle
Blink Less information can generate more effective decisions
OGC project templates PRINCE2 and other project management templates
Project Workout Covers the basics of project management well

Of wider interest  
Logic problems For those who are that way inclined
Blue Oceans High quality and good value website design for SMEs
Magnatune Interesting independent record label - "try before you buy"
Savoring India Will convert all but the hardened pie-eater to Indian cuisine
CIA factbook Surprisingly useful information on every country in the world
Summary of everything Early stages - next update due in 2015

Coconut soup With a wonderful zing
Indian scrambled eggs Breakfast treat

Of lighter interest  
Court extracts Things people have (allegedly) said in American courts
Qantas gripe sheets Maintenance complaints (allegedly) by Qantas pilots
Viking kittens For those into the Led Zeppelin Viking kitten scene
Nike announcement Extreme focus on core competences (allegedly)
Economists. How economists follow stocks
Love you tender Possibly the best music video ever, and it's from Finland